Contacting Your GP

If you wish to make contact with your GP may we ask that contact is either made via a pre-booked appointment or via the daily message book (please be aware not every GP is in everyday and messages may need to be forwarded to their next working day).

TELEPHONE: 0161 483 6222 & 0161 487 3335


At this moment in time we accept email requests for repeat prescriptions but this service CANNOT be used for any other queries relating to patient care.


Answering Your Call

At Beech House Medical Practice, as well as the reception desk at ground floor there is a first floor office where all the administration work is done. It is here that reception staff, secretaries, the prescription clerk and manager are based working from 8am to 6.45pm fulfilling all the administration responsibilities which are involved in running a large and busy medical practice. This includes answering phones, making appointments for patients when they phone in, telephoning patients with test results, and handling queries.

The staffing for the telephone system works as follows:

There is 1 receptionist on duty at the front desk at all times whilst the surgery is open and in addition to this between 2-4 members of staff (exact number depends on the rota) are upstairs throughout the day available to answer the phone.

Each of the two different numbers can have 4 calls coming through at the same time. At any one time 8 calls can be coming through to the surgery.

The appointments line comes through to the reception desk at first, it will then divert to the main office upstairs if the call cannot be answered within 10-15 seconds. Staff both upstairs and downstairs answer the next incoming call as soon as they possibly can once they have finished their current call.

The priority for the receptionist on the front desk is to deal with patient bookings and arrivals, patient queries (please note due to the open plan nature of the reception area patient confidentiality is essential and some enquiries may be more suitable over the phone). The receptionist will also do their best in dealing with any of your prescription queries.

The priority for reception staff upstairs is to answer the enquiry s line and answer any diverted calls from downstairs.

Depending on the nature of the enquiry upstairs it can take different amounts of time to complete a call before a receptionist can then answer the next incoming call.

During busy periods where contact with the surgery is difficult due to large income of calls we hope you understand that we are dealing with getting your call answered as soon as possible.

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