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Exploring the best care options for you at home or nearby?ᅠAll aboutᅠyour options and findingᅠcare and support that’s right for you.

About social care

Advice for anyone thinking about care, including information on how toᅠfind social careᅠservices and how to fund care.

Guide to care

A step-by-step guide to the practical help, support and advice that’s on offer and how to get it, including how to look after someone.

Care andᅠworkᅠor study

Want to explore your career or education options? This advice can help you manage the care and work or study.

Care, finance and the law

Help claiming benefits, looking after your bank balance and understanding the legal issues of care and caring.


As a carer it’s important to take time to look after yourself. Get advice on keeping fit and healthy.

Young carers

Under 18 and looking after someone? Find out here what help is available.


Back Pain:

Back pain causes thirteen million lost working days in Britain each year.ᅠ If the pain has been caused by excessive strain, e.g.; lifting excessive weights or slipping whilst doing so, be sensible and take things easy.ᅠ When sitting, sit upright with support for the small of the back.

Take pain killers and try to move as normally as possible.ᅠ Local warmth such as a hot water bottle or from a rubbing liniment will also help to ease the discomfort.


Influenza is a viral illness spread from person to person particularly in winter months.ᅠ It causes a temperature and also aches and pains elsewhere in the body and usually a headache too.ᅠ Antibiotics will not help and patients should treat themselves with rest, plenty of fluids and Paracetamol.

*** The best treatment for influenza is PREVENTION.ᅠ If you are at risk, contact your surgery and arrange for a FLU VACCINATION. ***

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