Teen Health

anti pregnancy pills and condoms

15 things you should know about sex

Common myths about pregnancy, STIs, being gay or lesbian, and first-time sex.
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Dealing with acne

Around 80% of teenagers and many adults have acne. Find out what causes it and what treatments are available
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Am I pregnant?

Information if you think you’re pregnant, including pregnancy tests, signs of pregnancy, and where to get help.
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Condoms: know the facts

What is condom fact and what’s fiction? Check your knowledge here.
anti pregnancy pills and condoms

Under-18s guide to quitting

Seven reasons for teen smokers to quit, and eight ways to help yourself through it.
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Surviving exams

Getting through exams can be challenging, but you can beat exam stress and get the best results.
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Teen girls and iron

Getting enough iron is especially important for teenage girls. Find out why, and how to get more iron into your diet.
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Bereavement and young people

Advice and support to help you get through the loss of someone important to you.
a woman holds her hands over her face

Is your partner treating you properly?

Information for teenagers on what constitutes abuse, including physical, emotional and verbal abuse, and where to get help.
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Why booze is bad for you

Weight gain, bad skin and risk of serious injury: why getting drunk isn’t always a party.
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Physical activity guidelines for children and young people

A little exercise needn’t be torture, and it’ll stop you from turning into a couch potato.
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How to stop smelly feet

Smelly feet aren’t fun for anyone, but here are some simple tips to make sure your feet stay fresh.